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CJ Motorcycle Accessories Ltd :: FAQ's

Will this jack up/lowering kit fit my bike if it is not listed?
The kits will only fit the bike models listed, they are different lengths for different models and it is vital you buy the correct kit for the correct model otherwise you will run into problems.
Are Jack Up Kits/Lowering Kits easy to fit, do I need any specialised tools?
They are relatively easy to fit, but if you are not confident you should get a bike mechanic to fit or at least check to make sure the kit is fitted properly.  For most bikes the only tools you need are a 17mm socket wrench & 17mm spanner plus the tools to slacken off your rear wheel axle nut and tools to adjust the chain tension.  A torque wrench is handy but as long as everything is tight it is not essential.
Do I need to make any other modifications to my bike after fitting a Jack Up/Lowering Kit?
Check your chain tension as this may need adjusting.  Take the bike for a test ride, see how it feels.  You may need to drop your forks but donít go  down more than 10mm.  Its all about personal riding preference so there are no set rules.  Your side stand could need shortening slightly if you fit a lowering kit as they cause the bike to sit more upright on the side stand.
Will I still be able to use my main stand with a Jack Up Kit fitted?
If you stick to the 35mm or lower jack up kits your main stand should still work fine.  As you start to go higher your main stand may no longer give the clearance required to turn your wheel when servicing etc.  You can simply place a piece of wood or a paving slab under the stand to give the extra clearance required.
How do I fit the Jack Up Kit/Lowering kit if I donít have a main stand?
Loosen off all the necessary bolts first, then you can use a car trolley jack or axle stands to lift the bike off the ground, try and get someone to help just to ensure the bike does not fall.  Make sure the bike is stable before attempting to fit the kits.  Put the bike back onto both wheels before tightening the bolts etc back up.
The Jack Up Kit/Lowering Kit you have sent me looks the same as my originals have you sent the correct item?
As long as you have ordered the correct kit for your model of bike, we will have sent the correct kit.  There is only a few mm difference between the hole centres on the kits and standard linkages, it is difficult to tell the difference if you are just offing the kit up to your originals whilst they are still fitted to your bike.  Fit the kit and you will be able to tell the difference.  PLEASE NOTE: A jackup kit will be shorter than standard and a lowering kit will be longer.
Are the Jack Up/Lowering Kits strong enough?
We have the kits manufactured to high standards using high quality materials.  We have had them independently laboratory tested and the results showed our kits were far superior in strength to the original linkages.
What are the recommended torque settings for stainless/alloy bolts?

Stainless:  M5 - 5Nm  M6 - 9Nm   M8 - 22Nm

Alloy:  M5 - 3Nm M6 - 5Nm M8 - 10Nm

Alloy Cam Bolts: 7Nm
How do I measure handlebars?
See picture for how to measure correctly